Property Tax Assessments for 2012

by Team Lally on January 10, 2012

Every Dec. 15th, the City & County of Honolulu mails out to Homeowner’s their new property tax assessed values for the next year, which they use to base the Homeowner’s property tax on. If they over assess your Home’s value by more than 10%, you can appeal through the mail.

We wanted to drop a line to offer assistance:  If you feel you can successfully appeal based on your new assessed value being too high, we can assist and provide the low comparable sold data to include in your appeal.

Don’t let the word “appeal” sound daunting, the appeal process is pretty easy and takes about 15mins.

Quick Summary:

-there is a $25 appeal fee, though refundable if you win your case, and appeals are due by January 15th

-if you are able to reduce your assessed value by $100k, that will save you $350 in 2012 on propertytax

-the City bases your Home’s tax assessed value on comparable sales in your neighborhood mainly considering a) interior home sq. ft. and b) lot sq. ft.

-the City’s website offers an online appeal option, though I suggest sending it via mail, that way you can include comparable sales with your initial request and hopefully get an approval quickly

Learn more at:

Forms needed to file an appeal:

Property Tax Appeal Guidelines
Property Tax Appeal Guidelines

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