Team Lally Is Committed To Serve Those Who Are In Service.

by teamlally on April 8, 2010

When you think of Hawaii you think of beautiful beaches, tropical escapes and relaxation. But the reality is that there are families that are struggling to survive and many of them are those that put their lives on line for our freedom and safety.

Team Lally is very familiar with the stories from our servicemen and women that are facing foreclosure and are dealing with receiving orders to relocate. “About 50% of our clients are military families facing PCS orders or divorce, sometimes both” says Adrienna Lally (Team Leader). It was a past client who was in the process of a divorce and receiving new orders far away from Hawaii that got Adrienna started in Short Sales. “I had just sold them the their home about a year prior” says Adrienna. “The military makes you move if they need you somewhere else. They don’t care if it’s a bad time to sell or if you are upside down in your home. So I decided to learn as much as possible about how I could help families who are in trouble and can’t sell their home. I just want to help.”

Adrienne and her team at Team Lally understand the effect and the hope they are providing during difficult times. Saul & Lourdes Lucatero are a Military family that got PCS order to Korea. Lourdes got out of the Army to be a full time mom. They tried to refinance to a lower interest rate but values had come down to much in the neighborhood. they decided to try and rent the property out. They quickly realized that $1000 per month negative was not a good investment and started to have financial difficulties. This when the Lucatero family contacted Team Lally. It wasn’t an easy process but Team Lally was able to complete the sale in about 60 days and the Lucatero family never missed a payment.

Team Lally was features as the ‘Ambassador of the week’, check out the rest of the story!

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