Team Lally Participate In A Heritage Profile

by teamlally on March 16, 2010

Team Lally has participated in the Heritage Profile Program. The Heritage Profile provided us with a clear and consistent insight into our abilities, and promotes effective communication between the team. Here’s how it works: Our Heritage Interviewer, Laura conducted a structured telephone interview with the team (one at a time). The interview process reveals how we communicate with others, how we want others to communicate with us, and how we can leverage our abilities to achieve your fullest potential. After the interview, an advance summary copy of our Profile Report and a CD with information about the uniqueness abilities was sent to all the agents. The One2One experience is a journey, and your Heritage Profile is essential equipment for the road ahead. Buffini & Company Coaches receive extensive, continuous training in the language of the Heritage Profile. The Heritage Profile provided us with values. Team Lally has found the inspiration and encouragement as we strive for success in each of the Five Circles – Spiritual, Family, Business, Financial, and Personal.

Posted by: Kimoli Thomas, Marketing Director

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